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Close up to 20% more sales in 30 days

Our easy-to-use membership, backed by Q for sales* AI-driven sales training, gives you the actionable insights you need to close more sales and earn a commission on each sale you close!


We give you qualified YouEarn leads to practice closing real deals, plus a success commission.


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Master your sales skills with YouEarn

By utilizing YouEarn, small businesses gain access to previously inaccessible enterprise sales training AI and receive live feedback while selling YouEarn’s training program to real prospects. Your newly gained sales skills can then be used for your individual business.

Sales Transformation Process


We teach you our proprietary sales training method


We give you qualified YouEarn leads to practice closing real deals.


Receive live feedback from Q for Sales* AI sales training software in real time


Apply sales skills to your business and move more deals forward

“I closed at least 30% more than before working with YouEarn”

Tina W – Atlanta, GA

“The real-time feedback has helped me to adjust my engagement style based on how the prospect is reacting. My confidence grew by 100% after training with YouEarn!”

Walter C. – Atlanta, GA

“YouEarn sales training taught me how to focus on key points so I could close the sale. Being able to implement the training with real life calls and utilize the data from the AI sales coach helped me narrow down exactly where I went wrong in the conversation. Before I came through the program, I was inconsistently closing sales in my own business, now it’s a breeze.”

Joseph B. – Atlanta, GA

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Stop struggling to close sales

Business owners often over invest trying to improve their sales process on unproven methods while missing out on valuable opportunities.

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Close more leads and grow your business

YouEarn provides real-time, AI driven sales training and live weekly sales coaching that can be utilized by any company, in any sales-related conversation, to improve your close rates.

Receive real-time AI feedback for immediate improvement

AI sales software, Q for Sales, enables you to communicate more effectively by “reading the room” through emotional cues along with engagement and sentiment insights.

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Boost your confidence and closing success

Practicing sales techniques with real YouEarn leads provides invaluable experience and allows you to fine-tune your approach in a practical, results-driven environment.

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Easy-to-use system that provides actionable insights

Q for Sales gives you live insights on:

  • Voice: Who is speaking and how engaged that are
  • Tone: What emotions your buyers are expressing
  • Vision: How attentive your buyer seems
  • Content: to understand what is resonating with your buyers

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Earn as you learn

You’ll receive sales commission on closed leads to incentivize you to apply the recommended techniques, leading to enhanced skill development, increased motivation, and higher sales performance.

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Package Options

Find an option that best fits your business sales goals

Option #1

The Cash Flow Accelerator

Build your foundation and gain insights to understand your sales potential

  • 5 Booked Calls
  • AI Real Time & Post Call Sales Coaching
  • Sales Course
  • YouEarn CRM
  • 2 Way Text & Email
  • Call Recordings
  • Support
  • 14 Days
Recommended Option

Option #2

The Profiter

Go all in and take your business to the next level with frequent opportunities to master your sales skills

  • 40 Booked Calls
  • AI Real Time & Post Call Sales Coaching
  • Sales Course
  • YouEarn CRM
  • 2 Way Text & Email
  • Call Recordings
  • Support
  • 30 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

How is AI implemented into the training?

YouEarn’s AI uses facial recognition on both the seller (you- while training), and the real prospect. This AI provides real-time guidance tools as pop-up notifications and a sidebar (not viewable to the prospect) to help navigate conversations to help you close the sale.

The prompts will show data on the following:

  • Voice: Capture every voice in the conversation
  • Tone: Analyze the emotion behind what is said.
  • Vision: Identify non-verbal cues and reactions.
  • Content: Understand what resonates with buyers.

The real-time prompts ensure participants will deliver a consistent customer experience and drive results while the customer is on the line.

The training is designed to teach you the core skills to recognize Voice, Tone, Vision, and Content to help you in any sales scenario, including those for your individual business no matter what you’re selling.

Why can’t I practice selling with my own product? Why do I have to sell the YouEarn Training while I am a participant of the program?

Our purpose is to teach you how to close more deals, to help grow your individual business, or simply to earn more commissions in your job. The AI training and facial recognition program is built around selling a real, single product.

This AI training is normally only available to large sales teams of Fortune 500 companies that can pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars to create personalized software for their unique products.

For the system to work we had to build the training around a single product that can be sold to potential customers in real time, thousands of times, to provide the highest AI training feedback. Essentially, we needed a product to build the training around, where small companies or individuals could receive the same training that large companies can offer their large sales teams.

Rather than sell a generic product where we don’t control the process, we can create a stronger training program by using the YouEarn training program itself as our product. This allows us to ensure high-quality leads to learn from and allows us to monitor the results and provide real-time coaching feedback. All while providing training participants commissions for any sales made as part of their training. Potentially giving participants the chance of refunding their training fee, or even earning new income while learning the same training skills once reserved only for large sales teams at Fortune 500 companies.

Who is this training for?

YouEarn Sales Training is for individuals or small teams, in any industry who want to learn how to close sales.
The training was designed with the small business in mind, including start-ups, established companies wanting to grow, or individuals with a side hustle trying to grow it into a full-time business, or simply to make some extra cash on the side.

It works for any industry and all kinds of sales, including but not limited to home services, insurance, fitness, digital marketing, independent car sales, etc.

Some people like the program so much they decide to treat it as an additional income opportunity as a side hustle to earn some extra money through the commissions after the training is complete.

Is YouEarn’s Training the Same Training Fortune 500 Companies Receive?

Essentially, yes. Normally Q for Sales by Uniphore is only available to large companies with sales teams in the hundreds or thousands. YouEarn worked with the makers of Q for Sales to utilize the same training technologies and program where individual people can join together through YouEarn to access the same high-level AI driven sales training.

When I run through all of my leads, can I get more leads?

Yes, you can buy more leads if you want to continue your AI training and continue gaining real-time feedback, or simply to give themselves more opportunities to generate additional commissions and extra income.

Is the training available for teams?

YouEarn does offer a program for small teams (under 3-20 people). For more information, email and we will contact you with more details. If you are seeking training for a larger team, let us know that too and we can connect you directly with Uniphore to see if it’s more appropriate for you to work directly with them to build a customized sales training program.

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